Welcome To Zambesi GP

We have more than 10 years experience in building Thatch Roofs, providing Thatch Roof Installations and Thatch Roof Repairs. We pride ourselves in building any size of Thatch Lapas in Pretoria. There are many advantages of a Thatched Roof.

When walking into a Thatch Roof Dwelling, you cannot help but stare at the intrinsic beauty of a natural thatched roof interior. It gives you a very relaxing view and feeling as if you live close to sea and nature.

Our main focus on building Thatch Roofs are:

thatch lodes
thatch houses
thatch lapas
thatch venues

Our dedicated and skilled team provides any maintenance that needs to be done on thatch roofs as it needs constant maintenance to ensure a prolonged life. Zambesi GP also provides any changes on existing thatch roofs and also any repairs that need to be implemented.