Do you have a good head for business? Join us in taking charge of your enterprising life by becoming better at the three key psychological dimensions of personal entrepreneur behaviour, according to our research, namely that of personal initiative, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, and action characteristics. In doing so, you will be adapting to the new demands of the world of work (4th industrial revolution), investing in your own capabilities and you will know better, be better at creative-discovery and act better.

Why make use of Smith Business Psychologists?

• Behavioural specialists in personal entrepreneur behaviour.
• Work grounded in applied scientific research.
• Focus only on the psychology of entrepreneurship and partner with clients so that they can become better entrepreneurs or start their own small business.
• Making it possible that you can work for yourself or become an entrepreneur.


If you are trying to educate yourself on the challenge that you face with your entrepreneurial journey, this blog is for you. It will help you to give a name to your challenge, create awareness and provide you with helpful content or tools.