What is the concept of administration?

Administration refers to the process of running an organisation, office or business. This includes creating rules and regulations, making decisions, management of operations, creating an organisation of staff/employees/people to direct activities towards achieving a common goal or objective.

Effective Administrators (Pty) Ltd specialises in business and medical practice administration services. Our vision is to provide an integrated solution to suit your business or medical practice and be recognised as a local industry leader in the field.

Our goal is to be a single point of contact for all your business or medical practice administration and management needs. This will be achieved through our diverse range of products, which will ensure an excellent solution for efficiency and effectiveness.

Every business or practice must determine whether it will be beneficial to perform in-house functions such as invoicing / patient billing, debt collection, payroll, bookkeeping, to name but a few, and should there not be the capacity to ensure the controls are enforced and adhered to, then thought needs to be given to outsourcing the processing and management of identified or all of these functions, to prevent financial loss.

We have many years’ experience in the medical and private company administration field, proficiency results in accurate, timeous, ethical, and professional administration.

Advantages Of Outsourcing 

  • Increased Efficiency

    One of the top reasons for outsourcing, is it will be completed proficiently. Handing time-consuming tasks to a bureau will ensure staff time will be better utilised, no need for additional accounts staff and telephone lines will not be blocked with account queries.

  • Access to Skilled Resources

    By outsourcing particular tasks, you will be able to substantially improve performance by drawing on the niche skills of your employees and that of the experts. The bureau absorbs staff leave and absenteeism, ensuring a continuation in administration.

  • Simplify Work Relationships

    Small businesses are often friends and family, which is fantastic, but then you are incredibly close to your staff members. You will minimise confrontational situations and save relationships if your administration it handled by a bureau.

  • You Focus on what Matters

    Another benefit of outsourcing tasks is enhanced freedom. By passing on supporting processes, you will be able to concentrate your skills on strengthening and improving the core processes that help make your business tick.

  • You get Peace of Mind

    At the end of the day, choosing to outsource with a reliable bureau should give you peace of mind that tasks are being handled expertly and efficiently without you having to worry or lift a finger. What could be better?

Competitive advantage: Each business will be assessed on their current systems, processes and protocols. A procedure will be recommended and implemented that best suits your business or medical practice – it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We strive to be the preferred administrators of choice.